Kim Kardashian in Variety’s Actors on Actors Stirs Controversy: Fans Divided on Reality Star’s Inclusion

Variety ignited a firestorm of criticism online after unveiling the cover for its prestigious “Actors on Actors” issue featuring reality TV star Kim Kardashian alongside actress Chloë Sevigny.

The magazine’s annual series features in-depth conversations between established actors, with past editions boasting powerhouses like Jodie Foster, Robert Downey Jr., and Tom Hiddleston. This year’s lineup includes pairings like The Crown’s Emma Corrin and Elizabeth Debicki, further highlighting the focus on seasoned performers.

Fans Upset Over Kardashian’s Inclusion

However, the decision to include Kardashian alongside the critically acclaimed Sevigny sparked outrage on social media. Many users expressed disappointment, accusing Variety of prioritizing “clicks” over recognizing genuine acting talent.

“This is an insult to the many trained, hardworking actors who DO THE REAL WORK!” wrote one Instagram user. “[Kim Kardashian’s] inclusion is shameful,” echoed another.


Focus on Kardashian’s Background Fuels Debate

Critics further highlighted Kardashian’s rise to fame through a leaked s*x tape, contrasting it with Sevigny’s Oscar-nominated and Golden Globe-winning career.

Kardashian’s dabblings in acting, including roles in reality shows and films like “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and “American Horror Story,” were seen as insufficient compared to Sevigny’s extensive filmography.

Sevigny Responds with Grace

Despite the controversy, Sevigny simply reposted the Variety cover with a gracious “Thank you @variety.”

Kardashian’s Acting Ambitions Take Center Stage

The article delves into Kardashian’s recent pivot from law school aspirations to a leading role in a new Hulu legal drama. While Kim Kardashian has appeared in various TV shows and movies, her upcoming role signifies a more serious foray into scripted acting.

A Look at Kardashian’s Acting Career

The piece details Kardashian’s past acting credits, including voice work in “PAW Patrol” movies, guest appearances in sitcoms, and playing herself in films like “Ocean’s Eight.”

Kardashian’s Reality TV Success Highlighted

The article acknowledges Kim Kardashian ‘s continued success in reality television, with her show “The Kardashians” winning awards and currently airing its fifth season.

Conclusion: A Debate on Meritocracy in Hollywood

The controversy surrounding Variety’s cover reignites the debate about meritocracy in Hollywood. While Kardashian is a successful entrepreneur and television personality, the question remains whether her foray into scripted acting justifies inclusion alongside seasoned, award-winning thespians. Only time will tell if Kardashian’s performance in the upcoming Hulu drama can silence her critics.

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