Camila Cabello Opens Up About First Love and Losing Her Virginity

In a candid conversation on Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast, singer Camila Cabello shed light on her personal life, particularly her first real relationship and experience with intimacy.

Love at First Sight (Almost)

Camila Cabello, now 27, revealed she felt lonely before meeting Matthew Hussey, a life coach and YouTuber, on the set of the TODAY show in February 2018. “That was my first relationship,” she confessed to Shepard. “It was late for my first time,” admitting a sense of longing for connection prior to meeting Hussey.

A “Beautiful” First Love

The discussion delved into the intimate aspects of their relationship. Cabello described losing her virginity to Hussey at the age of 20, emphasizing it was a positive experience. “No. That was my first time having s*x,” she responded to Shepard’s inquiry. “First lovemaking was at 20, 21… It was literally lovemaking. It was beautiful.”

Hussey’s Coaching Expertise: A Plus in Love

Cabello acknowledged that Hussey’s background as a relationship coach positively impacted their dynamic. “He was a really great person,” she said, crediting his experience for making him a supportive partner.

The End of an Era

Cabello and Hussey’s romance wasn’t meant to last. Their relationship concluded in June 2019, after a year of dating.

Life After Love

Following their split, Cabello moved on with musician Shawn Mendes, her collaborator on the hit song “Señorita.” Their relationship lasted over two years before ending in November 2021. Rumors of a rekindled romance swirled around the former couple after they were seen together at Coachella in April 2023, but ultimately they decided to remain single.

Hussey Finds Love, Cabello Focuses on Music

Meanwhile, Hussey found marital bliss with Audrey Le Strat in October 2023. He is also a New York Times bestselling author for his book “Get The Guy,” which delves into understanding male psychology for successful relationships.

On the professional front, Cabello is currently gearing up for the release of her highly anticipated fourth studio album, “C, XOXO,” dropping on June 28, 2024.