Shakira dazzles in crisscross bralette and white bodysuit

Shakira is baring it all in her new era, both literally and figuratively. The 47-year-old singer is promoting her latest album, “Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran” (Women Don’t Cry Anymore), with a stunning photo shoot and interview in Allure magazine.

Shakira stuns in multiple outfits throughout the spread, showcasing her confidence and power. But it’s her words that truly resonate. She opens up about the past “two years,” which she describes as “intense,” alluding to her split from ex-partner Gerard Piqué in June 2022.


“Making this music has shown me that my pain can be transformed into creativity,” Shakira reveals. The emotional honesty is palpable as she describes the album as a journey of self-discovery and rebirth. “The songs are full of anecdotes and very intense emotions,” she says. “But creating this album has been a transformation in which I have been reborn as a woman. I have rebuilt myself in the ways I believe are appropriate.”

Shakira challenges traditional expectations of women, refusing to be silenced or confined. “No one tells me how to cry or when to cry, no one tells me how to raise my children, no one tells me how I become a better version of myself,” she declares. “I decide that.” This sentiment is a powerful anthem for women everywhere.


The interview also delves into the symbolism behind Shakira’s 2005 album cover, “Oral Fixation,” which featured her as Eve. Shakira calls out the story of Adam and Eve for its misogynistic undertones. “Eve was a story created by misogynists,” she states. “I think there’s something refreshing about women when they get to be themselves and be unapologetic.”

Shakira’s new album and interview mark a significant turning point for the artist. She is emerging stronger, more confident, and ready to inspire others on their own journeys of healing and empowerment.