A Brutal Ballet of Revenge

Craving a feminist twist on the revenge thriller? Look no further than Coralie Fargeat’s 2017 film “Revenge.” This French neo-exploitation masterpiece throws out the tired tropes of the genre, instead delivering a bloody and beautiful exploration of trauma and retribution.

The story centers on Jen (Matilda Lutz), a young woman whose romantic desert getaway with her wealthy boyfriend is shattered by his hunting buddies’ arrival. Thrust into a hostile environment, Jen is assaulted and left for dead. But Jen emerges, a primal force fueled by rage. The desolate landscape transforms into a hunting ground as Jen stalks her attackers, one by one.

You can watch the best moments from the movie below:

Fargeat’s direction is stylish and unrelenting. The scorching desert becomes a character itself, reflecting the stark brutality unfolding. Cinematography is breathtaking, with long, lingering shots emphasizing Jen’s vulnerability and determination.


Lutz’s performance is phenomenal. She portrays Jen’s transformation with raw intensity. Jen sheds her naivety, evolving into a ruthless survivor. The lines between hunter and hunted blur, raising questions about violence and catharsis.


“Revenge” isn’t for the faint of heart. The violence is graphic, but it serves a purpose. It underscores the severity of Jen’s ordeal and the lengths she’ll go to achieve vengeance.

Fargeat‘s film has drawn comparisons to French New Extremity classics. But “Revenge” stands alone, a thrilling exploration of female empowerment and the fight for survival.