Sydney Sweeney Reigns Supreme in New Horror Film “Immaculate”

Horror fans rejoice! Sydney Sweeney ‘s latest spine-tingling flick, “Immaculate,” premiered at the SXSW Film Festival, and early reactions are praising the film’s scares, Sweeney’s performance, and a wild ending.

Directed by Michael Mohan, “Immaculate” follows a deeply religious young woman, played by Sweeney, who joins a seemingly idyllic convent in the Italian countryside. However, beneath the peaceful facade lurks a sinister secret, transforming her newfound home into a blood-soaked nightmare.

The film’s first trailer sent shivers down fans’ spines with a glimpse of a terrified and bloodied Sweeney. Thankfully, critics assure us the film lives up to the hype.

Reviews commend the film’s chilling atmosphere and effective jump scares. Awards Watch’s Tyler Doster called it “a religious experience” praising both the scares and Sweeney’s performance. Critics are crowning Sydney Sweeney a new scream queen, with Fangoria’s Jason Kauzlarich highlighting her “bloody, intense” performance as a genre-defining moment. Collider’s Peri Nemiroff lauded her as a “powerhouse lead” anchoring the film. Bloody Disgusting’s Frederick Nuti even declared Sweeney’s performance “a career-defining” one, hailing her as a new horror icon.

Produced by Sweeney herself, “Immaculate” boasts an impressive cast alongside the Euphoria star. Look for familiar faces from “The White Lotus” (Simona Tabasco), “Money Heist” (Álvaro Morte), and rising stars Benedetta Porcaroli and Dora Romano.

Mark your calendars, horror aficionados! “Immaculate” hits theaters on March 22nd. Looking for more chills? Check out our list of the best horror movies or upcoming horror releases to keep your fright fix going!