Sydney Sweeney ‘s Oscars After-Party Look

Sydney Sweeney ‘s appearance at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party sparked a conversation about typecasting, exploitation, and the treatment of women in Hollywood. Her look, a striking resemblance to Marilyn Monroe, went beyond mere homage and offered a potential commentary on societal expectations.

From Bombshell to Bob: A Shift in Image

Sweeney’s signature wavy lob transformed into a soft, blown-out bob, reminiscent of Monroe’s iconic hairstyle. This, coupled with her plunging, cream-colored halter-neck dress, undeniably evoked the Hollywood legend. However, unlike celebrities who’ve emulated Monroe in the past, Sweeney’s look felt more poignant.


Beyond the “Saturday Night Live” Controversy

This poignancy stemmed from the recent discourse surrounding Sweeney’s portrayal on “Saturday Night Live.” Her skits, particularly the Hooters waitress one, fueled debates about the s*xualization of her image and whether it signaled a regression in cultural progress. Articles like “Leave Sydney Sweeney’s B**bs Out of This” and “Saturday Night Live Did Sydney Sweeney Dirty” highlighted the objectification she faced.

The Duality of the Dress

Sweeney’s dress, a Marc Bouwer gown previously worn by Angelina Jolie in 2004, added another layer to the conversation. Styled differently with a romantic bob and golden smokey eye, it contrasted with Jolie’s bolder look. This subtle shift hinted at a potential subversion of the “s*x symbol” image often associated with such dresses.


Marilyn Monroe‘s Legacy: Beyond the Glitz

The reference to Monroe is particularly intriguing in today’s context. As details of her struggles emerge, the image of a talented actress gets overshadowed by narratives of exploitation and harassment. Biopics are criticized for perpetuating this “trauma p**n.” Even Monroe’s iconic clothing becomes a symbol of objectification, with garments being museum pieces one moment and red carpet fodder the next.


Breaking the Cycle?

One can only speculate on Sweeney’s intention with this after-party look. Perhaps it was a deliberate act, a way to highlight the double bind women in Hollywood face. By embodying another exploited actress, she might be sending a message to the industry about the objectification of female bodies.

The Conversation Continues

Whether intended or not, Sweeney’s look has sparked a necessary conversation. It compels us to examine how actresses are portrayed, the pressure of being a “s*x symbol,” and the exploitation that can accompany fame. As Emily Ratajkowski stated in her book “My Body,” the rewards of capitalizing on one’s s*xuality come with limitations and objectification.


While the true meaning behind Sweeney’s look remains a mystery, it serves as a powerful reminder of the complex narratives surrounding women in Hollywood. Here’s hoping she’s been in on the joke all along, using her platform to challenge the status quo.