Dev Patel Packs a Punch in Brutal New “Monkey Man” Clip

Get ready for an action-packed thrill ride! A new clip from Dev Patel’s directorial debut, “Monkey Man,” has been released, and it promises a relentless fight for vengeance. The film hits theaters on April 5th.

Patel Directs and Stars in Revenge Tale

Academy Award-nominated actor Dev Patel steps behind the camera for “Monkey Man,” not only directing but also starring in the lead role. Patel portrays Kid, a young man shrouded in mystery. By day, he fights for scraps in a brutal underground fight club, his face obscured by a gorilla mask. But beneath the mask lies a burning rage fueled by a tragic past.

Kitchen Carnage: A Glimpse into the Action

The newly released clip offers a glimpse into the film‘s bone-crunching action. Entitled “Kitchen Fight,” the scene throws Kid into a chaotic brawl within the confines of a restaurant kitchen. Armed with nothing more than his fists and whatever culinary tools he can grab – knives, pots, pans, even an oven door – Kid unleashes a fury on his unsuspecting opponents. The clip is a masterclass in using everyday objects for devastating effect, showcasing Patel’s impressive physicality and the film’s commitment to brutal, realistic fight choreography.

Inspired by Myth, Fueled by Revenge

“Monkey Man” draws inspiration from the legendary Hindu deity Hanuman, a symbol of strength and unwavering devotion. Kid’s character embodies this spirit, his rage a simmering cauldron fueled by a childhood trauma that robbed him of everything. The official synopsis hints at a powerful quest for vengeance as Kid “infiltrates the enclave of the city’s sinister elite” to confront those responsible for his suffering.

A Global Cast and Crew

Patel isn’t the only star bringing their talent to “Monkey Man.” The film boasts an impressive international cast, including Sharlto Copley (District 9), Sobhita Dhulipala (Made in Heaven), and Pitobash (Million Dollar Arm). Academy Award winner Jordan Peele (Get Out, Nope) joins forces with producer Jomon Thomas (Hotel Mumbai) to bring Patel’s vision to life.

Don’t Miss Out on the Action!

“Monkey Man” promises to be a thrilling cinematic experience, blending high-octane action with a powerful story of vengeance and redemption. Dev Patel’s dual role as director and star is sure to generate buzz, and the film’s international appeal makes it a must-watch for action movie fans worldwide.

Watch the official trailer below: