Taylor Swift dazzles in black at 2023 VMAs

Taylor Swift graced the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards in New Jersey in a royal manner! The 33-year-old star made her way down the red carpet donning a striking black dress featuring an off-kilter deep V-neckline, golden embellishments, and a daring thigh-high opening. To complete her ensemble, she adorned herself with elegant stacked necklaces and a set of stylish black high-heeled sandals.

Taylor’s presence at the major event coincides with her highly successful Eras World tour, and it marks 14 years since the memorable incident where rapper Kanye West famously interrupted her as she accepted the Female Video of the Year award at the 2009 VMAs, which he believed should have gone to Beyonce. Later in the evening, Beyonce did indeed win Video of the Year and graciously invited Taylor onstage to reclaim her moment after the incident.

Taylor Swift

Regardless, Taylor consistently stuns on the red carpet, and her appearance this year was no different. In a 2014 interview, the pop sensation confessed that her outfit choices aren’t primarily for her fans but rather for her friends. She stated, “When I’m choosing my attire, it’s always influenced by what my friends would appreciate.” She emphasized that her friends’ opinions are her top concern, and the perspectives of other women matter most to her at this stage in her life.

Notably, she maintains authenticity and avoids excessive fashion trends, prioritizing comfort. She expressed, “While it’s essential to be imaginative and explore, I’m aware of passing fads, so I tend to avoid the obvious ones.” She takes a forward-thinking approach, considering how her fashion choices might be perceived by her children or grandchildren in the future. Taylor humorously added, “I don’t want them saying, ‘Mom, those cowboy boots you wore all the time in 2006 were really cool!'”

Above all, Taylor emphasizes the significance of feeling at ease and genuine in every outfit, whether on stage, on the red carpet, or simply hanging out with friends. She shared, “It’s crucial for me to be at ease in my attire.” Her comfort serves as a safeguard against potentially embarrassing photos. Taylor added, “I prefer not to wear extremely short garments that could lead to a wardrobe mishap, eliminating the possibility of someone capturing an embarrassing moment.”

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