Selena’s ‘Single Soon’: Fans Link to Weeknd Romance

In a surprising twist, the echoes of Selena Gomez’s past romance with The Weeknd appear to linger even six years after their separation. The 31-year-old songstress, renowned for her brunette allure, unveiled her latest track, “Single Soon,” on August 25th, reigniting the interest of her devoted fans. As the music resonates, enthusiasts are meticulously analyzing the lyrics, attempting to discern the subject of her heartfelt serenade. A flood of reactions cascaded into the comments section of a trending TikTok video, where listeners aired their thoughts and engaged in fervent conjecture regarding the potential allusions Selena might be casting in The Weeknd’s direction.

In the wake of the music video’s release, Selena’s dedicated fan base exhibited swift perceptiveness, spotting a breakup-themed Post-it note ingeniously placed for her assumed paramour. Intriguingly, the note bore an uncanny resemblance to the one Jack Berger scribed for Carrie Bradshaw in the iconic series “Sex and The City.” A perceptive fan noted, “Selena unmistakably mentions the weekend just as she delicately situates the note,” while another enthusiast chimed in, emphasizing the coincidence, “AND THERE IT IS AGAIN, ‘THE WEEKEND,’ AS SHE GENTLY PLACES THE NOTEEEEEE.”

Simultaneously, a multitude of fans flocked to the realm of X (Twitter) to offer their candid responses to the music video’s revelations. “Oh my goodness, could ‘SINGLE SOON’ be a reflection of her parting ways with The Weeknd in favor of Justin Bieber? 🎶💔 #singlesoon #selenagomez,” mused an intrigued fan in a tweet. Anticipating the song’s release, an individual had taken to social media a day earlier, on August 24th, to engage in speculative discourse concerning Selena and the 33-year-old artist’s separation. “I’m genuinely curious about the dynamics between Selena Gomez and The Weeknd that prompted him to drop ‘Call Out My Name’ – an undeniably captivating track. 🎵🔥,” they candidly pondered.


As alluded to earlier, the artist behind the chart-topper “Calm Down” and the crooner responsible for the hit “Starboy” shared a romantic liaison in 2017. Their entwined journey commenced in January of that particular year, yet fate deemed their partnership short-lived, concluding in less than a year. Notably, Selena also experienced a highly publicized on-again, off-again relationship with Justin, spanning from 2010 until their ultimate separation in 2018. Intriguingly, Justin exchanged vows with the 26-year-old model Hailey Bieber in the year 2018, marking a significant turn of events.

In a recent development, Selena engaged in a discussion about the profound impact of heartbreak on her musical creations, as evidenced by her remarks during an interview at the Twilio SIGNAL 2023 conference. Reflecting on her experiences, she candidly shared, “When confronted with heartbreak, I found solace in channeling my emotions into my music, resulting in some of my most resonant compositions.” Selena further articulated her aspiration for her music to serve as a comforting pillar for those grappling with comparable challenges. Expressing her empathetic intention, she elaborated, “My desire was to offer unwavering support to every individual, irrespective of gender, who navigates the tumultuous journey of heartbreak.” This sentiment aligns with Selena’s recent outspokenness regarding her single status, a theme she playfully addressed on TikTok on June 8th, underscoring her relatability and sense of humor.