Kylie Jenner Seen at Timothee Chalamet’s Amid Split Talks

Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet’s Romance Remains Steadfast. The 26-year-old reality icon was recently spotted at her alleged 27-year-old paramour’s residence in Beverly Hills on the 24th of August. Candid snapshots, secured by the Daily Mail, capture the moment. Notably, preceding her visit to Timothee, Kylie delighted in a bout of retail therapy within the vicinity. The encounter further fuels speculation about their flourishing connection, with their companionship dating back to April. Throughout this summer, the two notable figures have consistently shared each other’s company.

Arriving at Timothee’s residence, Kylie arrived in her opulent $200,000 Mercedes Maybach, accompanied by her vigilant security entourage, as detailed by the Daily Mail. Prior to reuniting with her alleged paramour, the mother of two engaged in a solo shopping expedition within the realms of Beverly Hills. Her attire for the outing comprised a cropped white t-shirt, baring a glimpse of her midriff, paired with denim jeans, and she conscientiously sported a black face mask.


In the aftermath of recent events, the Kardashian luminary’s most recent interaction with the Academy Award nominee unfolds. This occurrence follows a report from TMZ on August 2nd, asserting that the duo remains intertwined in their romantic connection, resiliently defying the swirling breakup speculations. A credible informant from the aforementioned outlet negated the notion of Kylie and Timothee’s parting, urging enthusiasts to exercise caution in accepting all information at face value. Contrarily, an undisclosed source relayed to Life & Style that Kylie Jenner had been purportedly “abandoned” by Timothee, a claim that TMZ contested.

The whispers of a possible romance between Kylie and Timothee took flight during the spring season. As the speculations gained momentum, a significant moment occurred in May when Kylie’s car was spotted stationed near Timothee’s abode in Beverly Hills. Subsequently, the couple made their debut appearance in a photograph together, marking their public acknowledgment of one another’s company. This introduction took place at a familial gathering, a barbecue event graced by Kylie’s sister Kendall Jenner and Timothee’s sibling Pauline Chalamet. Paparazzi sources conveyed to Page Six that Kylie’s presence at Timothee’s residence has extended to an impressive frequency of “upwards of six days a week.”

As divulged in an April report to Us Weekly, a source provided insights into the specific allure that Timothee holds for Kylie. According to the insider, Timothee embodies the qualities of a true gentleman, consistently displaying a demeanor of respect towards Kylie. Beyond this, his charm and penchant for eliciting laughter from her have not gone unnoticed. Their interactions are marked by a seamless flow of conversation, with Timothee standing apart from Kylie’s prior dating experiences. Despite initial perceptions, the chemistry between them is undeniably strong, forging a connection that defies conventional expectations.