Margot Robbie on the cover of Vogue Australia

Hollywood star Margot Robbie became the main character of the new issue of the Australian magazine Vogue. The 33-year-old actress is actively experimenting in photo sessions on the eve of the release of the movie “Barbie” with her participation. It’s worth noting that in the new photoshoot, Robbie ditched the hot pink doll.


The actress changed several bright clothes. One of the pictures was particularly bold. Stylists gave the actress curls, and make-up artists gave her shiny makeup. Margot wore a tight black top with dark underwear underneath. Robbie paired the style with tights and gold shorts embellished with glittering stones. On the cover, the star appeared in a scarlet floral dress. Stylists combined a pleated top, a floor-length skirt and Balenciaga boots.


Margot Robbie also shared announcements about filming in the sensational project. She explained how the character of Barbie in the film is different from her previous works.


It feels different here. There’s definitely a buzz about comic book movies…but there’s something about Barbie that creates a kind of buzz I’ve never experienced before. It’s like everyone had something inside that just burst out and now we’re allowed to let it all out! It’s crazy, – quotes Margo with Vogue.