Selena Gomez reconciled with a friend who was a kidney donor for her

Selena Gomez wished her friend and kidney donor, Francia Raisa, a happy birthday. Amid rumors of their rift, the singer posted photos of them together and wished Francia happiness, hinting at a reconciliation.

“Wishing this special someone the happiest of birthdays. No matter where life takes us, I love you,” Gomez wrote on Instagram. Relations between the close friends were strained following the release of the singer’s documentary My Mind and Me, in which she spoke about her mental health and life with bipolar disorder. Gomez then listed Taylor Swift as her “only friend in showbiz,” without mentioning Rice, who donated a kidney to Gomez in 2017.


A few years ago, Selena Gomez, due to a progressive disease – lupus, began to have kidney failure and urgently needed a donor. Then, a close friend, actress Francia Raisa, expressed her desire to do research and become a donor. In August 2017, an operation was performed, which saved the singer’s life. The day after the documentary aired, Francia wrote, “Interesting,” about a comment about Selena’s friendship with Taylor Swift, and unfriended her on the social network. This is not the first conflict between the girls. They had quarreled before because Francia did not like Selena’s lifestyle after a difficult kidney transplant: she continued to drink alcohol and go to parties. However, they reconciled soon. These days, Selena Gomez turned 31 years old.