Margot Robbie hated playing with Barbies as a child

It may be incredible for many people, but the star of “Barbie,” Margot Robbie, was not fascinated by Barbie when she was a child. She did not enjoy playing with her, and she didn’t have a Barbie toy at home. The actor recalls that when she was growing up in Australia, she only had the opportunity to play with toys when she visited her closest relatives.

“I grew up in Gold Coast, Australia. When I was little, we often visited my cousin’s house, where we played with Barbies. To say that I had many similar toys at home, or that I could not live without them, would not be true.”

Anne Hathaway and Amy Schumer were considered for the role of Barbie, along with Margot Robbie. The creative team conducted “Barbie” castings to find girls with a “Barbie energy,” and they found this energy most fitting in Gal Gadot. During the casting process, the team also noticed other actresses, including Dua Lipa, Sharon Rooney, Anna Cruz Kane, Alexandra Shipp, and Kate McKinnon.

While Margot Robbie’s phenomenal looks, such as her blonde hair, blue eyes, and figure, naturally aligned with Barbie’s traditional features, the creative team believed that this portrayal adhered to stereotypical criteria and thinking. Instead, they aspired for the film to embrace diversity and wanted the character of Barbie to be more inclusive and representative of various backgrounds.



One of Margot Robbie’s requests, which the producers and the director took into account, is that Barbie should not be portrayed in a sexualized manner. According to the actress, since she had the honor of portraying the legendary Barbie in the film, it was essential for her that this character embodied traditional values and was suitable for all generations.

“Barbie is a doll; she has a plastic body and features that are not natural. She should not be portrayed as s**y. In general, she should not exude attractiveness or desirability. If she’s wearing a short pink dress, it’s not to appear s**y, but because it’s colorful, fun, and beautiful.”

Although Margot Robbie has played many beautiful roles throughout her career, she often says that she doesn’t consider herself beautiful at all. It is interesting to see how Margot Robbie prepares to appear at glamorous premieres.



“When I’m getting ready for an important evening, I always try not to wear a lot of make-up because I often sweat, and then it all looks unnatural on my face. Surprisingly, sometimes glamorous evenings can be tiring, and I may return home so exhausted that I don’t want to walk the red carpet for a second time. I make an effort to never apply eyeliner for such occasions. I always wear lipstick and carry a bag with me. However, I try not to use bright colors because they don’t suit me well.”

“As for the photo sessions, I’ll let you in on a secret. When you see photos with freckles and think they are natural, you are mistaken. We are given “tons” of make-up, and then freckles are drawn on top with an eyebrow pencil to make the photos appear as natural as possible after editing. I enjoy these moments very much because they make me feel like a different person all the time.”

It is interesting how the famous actress relaxes in the morning and eveningat the beginning of busy dayor after it.



“My favorite drink is tea. I consume a lot of tea, and I don’t drink coffee at all, except in cases where I have a severe headache, as caffeine can be very helpful then. Dilmah is my preferred tea brand, and I often pair it with water; I make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids.”

One of Margot’s favorite perfumes is “Calvin Klein” Deep Euphoria. The actress has appeared in the brand’s campaign several times, which significantly boosted the sales of the perfume. Margot admits that she is very interested in the beauty industry; she enjoys using perfumes and wearing makeup. However, she also reflects on how during the age of 15 to 20, she was overly focused on these topics and now has some regrets about it.

“When I was 16 years old, I used to think that I needed to apply a lot of makeup. Looking back, I would advise my younger self to appreciate natural beauty and embrace simplicity. I would tell her that my eyes were already colorful, and I didn’t need eyeshadows anymore; my cheeks had a natural pink tone, and I didn’t have to use “blush” anymore; my lips had a lovely red hue, and I didn’t need to use lipstick. I would advise teenagers and young girls to value themselves and their inherent beauty, not rushing to “grow up too soon.” Each age has its own unique beauty to cherish.”