Margot Robbie’s path from a poor childhood to the Hollywood life of “Barbie”

For many people, Hollywood is associated with a fairy-tale place full of shining stars, the center of the movie world, where all dreams come true. However, this does not necessarily mean that it was easy for the most prominent stars of the industry to reach this “flawless Hollywood life.” Naturally, some actors were lucky to have famous parents or wealthy family members who provided financial assistance, financing their studies, and offering psychological support. However, there are actors who traversed the most difficult path alone to reach the stage. They pursued various professions selflessly in order to fulfill their childhood dreams. One such star is the Australian actress Margot Robbie, who went a long way to becoming one of the most sought-after, talented, and successful actresses in Hollywood.

Over the past years, you have juggled multiple activities, changed your place of residence, and stood up against your parents’ decision to pursue a successful career as a lawyer. Why did you choose acting instead? What attracted you to this profession?

I have always loved acting; however, unfortunately, as you mentioned, after finishing school, my parents did not take my desire into account and forced me to study law. They wanted me to become a lawyer. Despite the fact that I had the potential to succeed in law, and it might have been a financially successful path, I knew it wouldn’t bring me true satisfaction or happiness. I couldn’t envision finding joy in that career, and that’s why I made the difficult decision to give up everything and pursue my dreams in Hollywood.

Everything was not as simple as it seemed from the outside. Before I began my acting career, I had to gain experience, and most importantly, I needed enough income to support myself and have a basic existence. I worked in a store for two years, then became a babysitter, and later started making sandwiches at Subway. Despite many people finding it hard to believe, I learned various skills and took on different jobs. In addition to the aforementioned roles, I worked as a pharmacist in a pharmacy, as a waiter in a food establishment, and even as a cleaner.

Realizing my dream took a considerable amount of time and effort, but I have never regretted any of the decisions I made along the way, not even for a second.

Is there a specific movie that inspired you to love this profession after watching it?

I would love to mention films like Hiroshima mon amour, In the Realm of the Senses, or 2001: A Space Odyssey, but who am I kidding? The movie that truly made me fall in love with the world of cinema and sparked my interest in this profession is “George of the Jungle.” Don’t ask me why I loved this movie, but watching it years ago completely transformed my imagination and how I perceive the entire world of movies. It might not be a critically acclaimed film, but its impact on me was profound.

When did your parents convince you that you were really a professional actor and that this was real job for you and not hobby?

To tell the truth, until they saw my poster on the skyscraper in Times Square, New York, they couldn’t quite comprehend it. It took them a while to come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t going to study at the university. However, everything changed when they saw my poster. I felt their pride and genuine happiness for my success. It was a turning point in their perception, and they started supporting me wholeheartedly.

I come from a very modest family. I still remember as a child when we went to the movies, the first thing my mother would mention was how expensive the movie tickets, popcorn, and Coca-Cola were. Every penny counted for us. To save money, my mom used to make popcorn at home, and then we would take it with us to the cinema.

Today’s society often criticizes starssometimes for no reasonIncorrect information usually spreads very quickly. Is there specific topic that hurts your heart to talk about because you know for sure that it is not true?

The fact that I spend most of my free time on expensive yachts, traveling, and surrounded by luxury, gifts, and entertainment is wishful thinking. Many people assume that when we wake up in the morning, we are flawless, dressed in silk robes, and our days are carefree. However, that’s far from the truth. Sometimes, I spend the entire day studying my texts, and there’s nothing glamorous about working on a film set. While we might look neat and beautiful on the red carpet, it doesn’t mean that every day is like that. We face problems too, just like any other ordinary person.

You clean the house yourselfclean the floorswash the dishes, you don’t have any helpers at homeYou mentioned this in several interviewsbut people still don’t believe you.

Yes, once a fan of mine met me on the street and, during our conversation, asked me how many people worked for me at home. I answered that none, but he didn’t believe me and smiled. The truth is, I do all the household chores myself. I clean the floors, dust, wash the dishes, and take care of the yard. It brings me a sense of happiness and satisfaction to some extent. When I have the time and ability to do all these things, why should I sit idle and let someone else do it for me? I find joy in taking care of my home and being involved in these everyday tasks.

What would you say to girls who want to become actresses and that you are also a role model for them?

Do not try to grow up prematurely. I want to clarify what I mean by this: don’t attempt to skip the exciting stages of life just because you are looking forward to what will happen in the future. Every period has its own charm, and this journey should be enjoyed to the fullest. Embrace each phase of life and savor the unique experiences it brings.