Sofia Vergara Sparkles As a 1920s Jazz Age Dancer

Prior to unleashing his sensational Elvis movie, director Baz Luhrman treated us to a remarkable rendition of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s celebrated novel, The Great Gatsby, featuring Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio. This cinematic masterpiece hit the screens in 2013 and had an unforeseen consequence: it sparked a surge in the popularity of “Gatsby parties,” where attendees are encouraged to embrace the glamour of the Roaring ’20s. Joining the excitement, Sofia Vergara, the beloved star of Modern Family, has decided to immerse herself in the festivities by donning a captivating ensemble for a “Great Gatsby night.” Her stunning flapper costume is certain to leave fans yearning for more glimpses and eagerly awaiting additional snapshots.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of a flapper and wondering about Sofia Vergara’s choice of attire, let’s delve into the intriguing backstory that led to this fashion trend. It all stems from a significant historical period known as Prohibition when American lawmakers made the ill-advised decision to outlaw the buying and selling of alcohol. Almost instantly, the entrepreneurial spirit of the people took over, giving rise to covert establishments called “speakeasies,” where both young men and women could indulge in the most enticing form of revelry: forbidden parties.

During this very era, societal expectations dictated that women should conform to submissive roles, acting and dressing in a meek manner around men and older individuals. However, these notions were far from appealing to the younger generation of women. Empowered by newfound mobility, thanks to the widespread availability of automobiles pioneered by Henry Ford, young women began venturing into major cities, where they would rendezvous with each other for spontaneous get-togethers or exuberant parties. Embracing their liberated spirits, these daring women came to be known as “flappers.” Rejecting the modest attire selected by their parents, they boldly adopted more revealing garments, giving birth to an entire fashion movement that has captivated Sofia Vergara and countless others.

Undoubtedly, one does not require a history lesson to appreciate the breathtaking allure of Sofia Vergara’s homage to the flapper culture. Her ensemble exudes sensuality and glamour, effortlessly highlighting her most alluring features (a formidable task for someone as naturally beautiful as Vergara). The dress, snug and resplendent, hugs her curves and dazzles with its eye-catching details. However, what truly steals the spotlight are the magnificent oversized earrings, reminiscent of the opulent extravagance depicted in “The Great Gatsby.” Each earring comprises nine diamond-shaped ornaments, adorned with actual diamonds, elevating the ensemble to extraordinary levels of grandeur. Adding to her enchanting transformation, Vergara dons a tiara that not only evokes the spirit of a flapper but also bestows upon her an air of regal elegance, akin to that of a princess.

Although it’s unlikely that Sofia Vergara had the upcoming television miniseries, Griselda, in mind when selecting her attire for the party, intriguing connections can be drawn between her outfit and the show’s subject matter. A notable parallel emerges with Al Capone, who rose to prominence during the Prohibition era by capitalizing on the demand for illicit substances that the government sought to suppress. In Griselda, Vergara takes on the role of the real-life drug lord Griselda Blanco, who, inspired by the lessons of figures like Capone, established one of the most influential and profitable cocaine cartels in American history. However, it is safe to assume that the real-life Griselda never adorned herself in a dress quite as captivating as the one Vergara is effortlessly rocking in the picture.