Kate Beckinsale, 49, stuns in sheer green bodysuit, reveals beauty secret

The 49-year-old celebrity Kate Beckinsale graced the premiere of ‘La Passion De Dodin Bouffant’ with a bold and attention-grabbing outfit that demanded the spotlight.

Kate adorned herself in a magnificent emerald bejeweled bodysuit, adorned with an elegant high neckline and tastefully placed openings that gracefully highlighted her physique.


In addition, the bodysuit showcased numerous breathtaking ruby decorations, perfectly complemented by a flowing green skirt that she skillfully tied in a bow at her waist, imparting an additional element of refinement.

Elegantly poised in a set of high heels, the renowned actress from Underworld had her lustrous brown locks fashioned into a sophisticated ponytail, completing her look for the occasion.

The unexpected backless feature of her attire brought a delightful element of surprise, while Kate Beckinsale exquisite emerald earrings served as a flawless accessory that perfectly complemented her glamorous ensemble.