Jenna Ortega Displays Epic Abs While Wearing A Pink Sports Bra

Typically, Jenna Ortega is known for her braided hair and serious demeanor, however, she radiates positivity in a recent Adidas advertisement. The video, posted on Instagram, showcases three variations of Jenna – one with a megaphone, another in a pink sports bra and yoga pants, and the final iteration wearing a red lip and a bra top, covered by an Adidas tracksuit.

The ad depicts Jenna Ortega with a megaphone asking “What do we want?” followed by the second Jenna in yoga attire answering “A deep breath in.” The third Jenna, appearing confused, asks “Wait – if you guys are playing me, who am I playing?”

The advertisement is playful, the attire is fashionable, and it’s difficult to overlook Jenna’s remarkable abdominal muscles. The comments were filled with praise, with one person jokingly remarking “Guess it’s time to buy some Adidas…” while another said “Queen of the world.”

Jenna recently told Women’s Health that she’s big on strength training.

“I love doing squats,” she shared. “I just feel so secure in what I’m doing and I just know that my form—if I’m lifting weights or something, I just know that my form is 100% correct because I know exactly what I’m doing. So that’s become my favorite thing to train.”