Rosenlaui: Swiss Alpine Nature and Beauty

Rosenlaui is a small village located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, in the canton of Berne. The village is situated in a picturesque valley, surrounded by towering peaks and lush green forests. It is a popular destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide range of activities such as hiking, skiing, and paragliding.


One of the main attractions of Rosenlaui is the Rosenlaui Glacier Gorge, a natural wonder that is formed by the Rosenlaui River as it flows through a narrow gorge carved out of solid ice. Visitors can explore the gorge on foot, following a well-marked trail that takes them through tunnels and over bridges, offering stunning views of the ice formations and the rushing water below.




Another popular activity in Rosenlaui is hiking. There are many trails that lead into the surrounding mountains, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the valley and the surrounding peaks. Some of the most popular trails include the hike to the Rosenlaui Hut, which offers a great base for alpine adventures, and the hike to the summit of the nearby Schreckhorn, one of the highest peaks in the region.

In winter, Rosenlaui becomes a popular destination for skiing and snowboarding, with the nearby Meiringen-Hasliberg ski area offering a wide range of slopes and runs for skiers of all levels. The ski area also has a number of off-piste runs, making it a popular destination for experienced skiers and snowboarders.

Rosenlaui is also home to a number of historical and cultural attractions. One of the most famous is the Hotel Rosenlaui, a grand, 19th-century hotel that has been welcoming guests for over 150 years. The hotel features a large spa and wellness center, as well as a restaurant that serves delicious local cuisine.


Overall, the village is a charming and picturesque village that offers a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages and interests. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, a relaxing spa break, or a chance to explore the rich history and culture of the Swiss Alps, Rosenlaui is the perfect destination.

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