Kendall Jenner celebrates Lori Harvey’s Birthday in a hot sheer black dress

Kendall Jenner appeared stunning during her most recent appearance. The model participated in Lori Harvey’s 26th birthday celebration in West Hollywood, California and sported a captivating long black fitted gown. The dress featured a coordinating black choker necklace with a prominent red floral accent.

The dark-haired lady posted a video of herself striking a pose in her ensemble on Instagram, which caught the attention of many admirers. In the video, she styled her hair with a middle part, and allowed some loose strands to frame her face. Kendall Jenner also accessorized with black high heels, earrings and black nail polish as she strolled towards a full-length mirror while capturing the moment on her phone.


Kendall may have been noticed at the event, but she was not the only well-known and attractive face to attend Lori’s celebration. Hailey Bieber and her husband Justin Bieber were also seen arriving at the party. Like Kendall, Hailey also wore a black dress, but hers was a mini-dress with cutout sections on the sides.


Two weeks prior to the party, Kendall and Hailey were spotted hanging out in Aspen, Colorado. The two women were seen out and about in fashionable outfits in the snowy city. Kendall wore a long dark red dress with black polka dots, paired with a black leather jacket and maroon heeled boots. Hailey wore a black zip-up jacket lined with furry detailing, along with a matching skirt and white furry boots.

The girls spent the end of the year looking stylish in various outfits during their time in Aspen. The cold setting was a winter wonderland for the good friends and their loved ones as they rang in the new year and spent quality time together. Kendall’s sister Kylie Jenner was also seen enjoying the fashionable location and looked just as good as her older sibling.