Lungern: A Stunning Swiss Alpine Town

Lungern is a small town located in the canton of Obwalden in central Switzerland. It is situated in the heart of the Swiss Alps, at an altitude of 1,190 meters above sea level. The town has a population of around 1,600 people and is known for its picturesque setting and stunning views of the surrounding mountains.


Lungern is surrounded by lush forests, rolling hills, and snow-capped peaks, making it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The town is home to a number of hiking and biking trails, as well as several ski resorts. The most popular ski resort in Lungern is the Brunni-Hasliberg ski area, which offers over 20 kilometers of pistes and a wide range of activities for skiers and snowboarders of all levels.


In addition to its outdoor attractions, Lungern is also home to several cultural and historical landmarks. One of the most notable is the Lungern Church, a Gothic-style church built in the 13th century. The church is known for its beautiful stained glass windows and its ornate altar, which was crafted by a local artisan in the 17th century.


Another popular attraction in Lungern is the Haggenegg Castle, a medieval castle that was built in the 13th century. The castle was used as a defense against invaders and as a summer residence for the local nobility. Today, it is open to the public and offers guided tours and exhibitions on its history and architecture.

Lungern is also home to several hotels, restaurants, and shops, making it a convenient and comfortable place to stay for visitors. The town is known for its traditional Swiss cuisine, which includes dishes such as fondue, raclette, and rosti.

Overall, Lungern is a charming and picturesque town that offers something for everyone. From its stunning natural surroundings to its rich cultural and historical heritage, Lungern is a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Switzerland.

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