Wednesday behind the scenes video shows the best character

Just a few weeks after debuting on Netflix, Wednesday has already managed to establish itself as a popular series, with viewers asking for a second season to be ordered. The cast has done a fantastic job incorporating well-known characters into the new plot, with Thing, the severed hand, giving one of the greatest performances on Wednesday. In the below-linked behind-the-scenes video, the creative team speaks with leading lady Jenna Ortega and actor Victor Dorobantu about bringing the appendage to life.

The opening of the tape features Wednesday herself, Jenna Ortega, who explains that Dorobantu, the actor who plays the Thing, was working on all things Thing. VFX Supervisor Tom Turnbull adds that he and the show’s director, Tim Burton, wanted to stay loyal to Addams Family canon, not just bringing the floating hand in but making it as genuine as possible, unlike many projects that may turn to CGI to suit their demands on the supposedly floating hand. Victor Dorobantu, a skilled magician with no acting experience but the hand movements required to give the figure its own identity, was hired by the team to assist them realize their idea.

Dorobantu’s performance as Thing on Wednesday was particularly noteworthy since the actor was able to, in his words, “discover movements that may describe sentiments” with straightforward hand gestures made entirely with finger movement. Working next to a hand tied to a man in a blue suit would seem like it would be too distracting, but Turnbull claimed that Ortega never even batted an eye and immediately started talking about her character’s connection with the family “pet.” Working with the hand, according to the actress, “wasn’t difficult at all,” but she acknowledged that there were times when Dorobantu wouldn’t be in a scene and would instead be a prop for the VFX team to later replace with Thing.


The behind-the-scenes look is a special effects fan’s dream as it goes deep into Wednesday’s universe and shows viewers how Dorobantu was deleted out of some images in addition to how Thing was brought to life. One of the most astounding moments comes when Turnbull reveals that while “paint outs” for regular projects are “simple,” on Wednesday the team had to remove “90% of the human being” since Dorobantu was visible in almost every image. Could this be the start of Dorobantu’s acting career given how committed the magician was to the role and how it showed in his performance?

As anticipated, Tim Burton delivered a masterpiece with Wednesday, maintaining things traditional but adding an even spookier twist while clinging tenaciously to cherished characters like The Thing. Everyone is raving about the new series and how amazing it is, from everyday people like us to music icon Lady Gaga. If you haven’t seen it yet, Wednesday is currently available to stream on Netflix. Also, be sure to see the following behind-the-scenes video; you’ll never see your hands in the same way again.