Margot Robbie took the only chance for kiss Brad Pitt

Margot Robbie has acknowledged that a kiss between her and Brad Pitt during filming wasn’t planned, but she nevertheless went for it because it was her only opportunity.

The historical comedy-drama Babylon, slated for release in the UK in January, stars the Australian actress and the Hollywood legend.

The movie centers on aspiring actress Nellie (Robbie), who enlists the aid of Manny (Diego Calva) and Jack (Brad Pitt) in order to succeed in Hollywood during the 1920s.

In addition to Tobey Maguire and Eric Roberts, the film was released in advance of the 2023 Academy Awards.

Margot Robbie said in a recent interview with E!News that she and Pitt shared an impromptu kiss.

Despite the fact that the two have already shared a screen together, Robbie admitted that she believed this may be her one and only opportunity to kiss the Legend.

“That wasn’t in the script,” she said. “But I thought, ‘when else am I gonna get the chance to kiss Brad Pitt? I’m just gonna go for it.”

She continued by saying that before filming began, she had to present the concept to director Damien Chazelle.

“I said, ‘Damien, I think Nellie would just go up and kiss Jack. And Damien was like, ‘Well, she could – wait, hold on. You just wanna kiss Brad Pitt. And I was like, ‘Oh, so sue me. This opportunity might never come up again.’ And he was like, ‘It does work for the character,’ and I was like, ‘I think so.'”

Chazelle was completely persuaded after witnessing the pair have a “beautiful kiss” and urged that the sequence remain in the film.

“He was like, ‘No, do it again. That really works,'” Margot joked. “I was like, ‘Oh, great.’”

Babylon will be the first movie Chazelle has directed since 2018’s First Man – a biopic about the life of astronaut Neil Armstrong.