Vanessa Hudgens with her Gothic Elegance

We would have laughed a lot if you had told us two years ago that The Addams Family will be one of the largest cultural influences on beauty and fashion for the fall/winter of 2022. But Miss Wednesday Addams, not Kravis or Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, was responsible for bringing goth and grunge back into the public (perhaps because of their awkward PDA). And we suspect that Wednesday, the new spin-off, had a hand in creating Vanessa Hudgens intricate, sculptural braided updo with all of its gothic grace.

Sami Knight of LA created Vanessa’s hairstyle, which required twisting up her jet-black plaits into a mass that resembles a bun, but in a positive manner. While the ends of each plait have been twisted and solidified into flourishes that resemble scorpion stings. The wet-look finish gives the entire style more gloss, and the finished product is wonderfully dark.

From the front, the hair has a crisp center part and is tied in symmetrical single curls in the rear with the old stingers. It was complimented by a severe black-lined fox eye and an aggressive contour for razor-sharp cheekbones by celebrity makeup artist Allan Face.

This outfit was worn to meet and greets for Vanessa’s beverage company Caliwater, not some big punk red carpet. And this is the kind of additional that we enjoy seeing.

If the Addams family had any impact on this outfit, Vanessa Hudgens recently went full Morticia at the Fashion Awards.