Chris Hemsworth recently revealed his interest for an Aquaman/Thor crossover in an interview.

Chris Hemsworth has been in several films and television series throughout the course of his career, but his fans adore him most for playing the legendary character of Thor in the Marvel films. However, considering how popular Marvel and DC movies are all over the world, Chris Hemsworth’s most recent comment on a Thor and Aquaman crossover may surprise online users.

Extraction 2 and Furiosa, two of Chris’ next movies, are now preparing for release. Furiosa is scheduled for release in 2024, while Extraction 2, the fifth installment in the Mad Max franchise, is anticipated to arrive in theaters in 2023.

Meanwhile, as noted by Screenrant, Chris Hemsworth was open about his plans for the Marvel Cinematic Universe during a recent interview with the Geek House show. He showed excitement and said it would be a good clash when asked whether there could be a crossover between the DCU and the Disney Comic Book brand. He said that Jason Momoa, who plays Aquaman, is a good buddy and that even a crossover between Thor and Aquaman would be entertaining.

Chris Hemsworth exclaimed, “It would be cool. Who would be a fun matchup? Thor and Aquaman, that could be fun – you know Jason is a good friend of mine.”

Earlier, Chris spoke to Vanity Fair and hinted at his desire to make an exit from the MCU’s Thor. He said, “Yeah, for sure. I feel like we’d probably have to close the book if I ever did it again, you know what I mean? I feel like it probably warrants that. I feel like it’d probably be the finale, but that’s not based on anything anyone’s told me or any sort of plans. You have this birth of a hero, the journey of a hero, then the death of a hero, and I don’t know—am I at that stage? Who knows?”