Will Tom Holland Reappear in Spider-Man: Freshman Year?

Just the type of web-slinging tale we need right now is Spider-Man: Freshman Year. See, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Sony collaborated to wrap up one of the genuinely outstanding trilogies we’ve seen in a long time last autumn. In a very great, and occasionally tragic, way, Tom Holland, Jon Watts, and the rest of the Spider-Man cast brought the Homecoming story arc to a close. It was a remarkable cinematic achievement on many levels, effectively fulfilling all the requirements for the role, the Holland version, and the other Peter Parkers we’ve seen in the past.

While Tom Holland’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or Sony’s Spider-Man Universe isn’t entirely guaranteed, we will still get another story in this arc, even though it will be something different from what has gone before.

This version of Peter Parker’s origin narrative, which was omitted from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will be explored in Spider-Man: Freshman Year. Let’s examine all we currently know about Spider-Man: Freshman Year and the future of this animated release.

Tom Holland won’t be appearing in this series.

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Fans’ biggest concern before the start of the series is probably this one. Will Peter Parker, one of our favorites (do you have a favorite? He ought to) make a comeback to voice the part he so expertly portrayed on the big screen? That has not been confirmed as of the time of this writing and maybe wouldn’t be for some time. Frankly, if Tom Holland returns for this series, Marvel and Sony will probably make additional determinations regarding his long-term viability as the character at the same time.