Check out Anya Taylor-Joy As Furiosa On The Set Of The Mad Max Prequel

Chris Hemsworth and Anya Taylor-Joy are both currently shooting the Furiosa prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road. Charlize Theron played the part in the movie, and she was excellent. Recently, a prequel movie was released, in which Taylor played a younger version of Furiosa. Great behind-the-scenes pictures of the two performers mentioned before in their roles or costumes have been provided. The internet detectives have now discovered another, this time by providing a clear view of Taylor in the lead position. The pictures can be seen below:

The fact that Anya Taylor-Joy has hair stands out as a significant difference. The Furiosa that we are familiar with had a full head of hair, which may have been a decision taken by her in her later years. Additionally, she has a green screen-like wrap covering her right arm, which is fantastic given that Furiosa’s right hand is gone in Max Mad: Fury Road. Although the cause of her hand’s disappearance has not been revealed, the prequel movie may tell the tale. Taylor does appear to be dressed in a way that would indicate that Furiosa resides in a post-apocalyptic society.

We would assume that Furiosa is intended to depict the lady as a young adult entering maturity. That could be the reason Anya Taylor-Joy was chosen to play the role. She can pass for a younger lady, which is strange because she can also pass for an older woman. The narrative will describe Furiosa’s travels and how she ultimately came to work for Immortan Joe. It’s interesting to see Nathan Jones back in the role of Rictus Erectus. He was Joe’s kid and the hulking, machine-gun-toting bad man in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Since Chris Hemsworth has been spotted on the site with a crazy hairstyle and beard, everyone has been curious as to what his part in the movie would be. He looks like a glorified lumberjack with his orange hair. He could be to Furiosa what Max was to her in Mad Max: Fury Road. His personality is still a mystery, though. About the only thing we do know about the story is that Anya Taylor-Joy will play Furiosa. The good news is that George Miller is once again in charge of the project. He is back for the prequel after directing the renowned Mad Max: Fury Road trilogy in the first place. Six Academy Awards prove that Fury Road was a huge hit.