This “Love and Thunder” fan theory claims that Thor’s blondeness is a power.

MCU fans are pretty certain that whomever wields Mjolnir, if they are worthy, shall possess the hair of Thor after viewing Thor: Love and Thunder.

Marvel superheroes have always had fantastic on-screen appearances, in large part because to the rigorous training programs they go through before each film. It goes without saying that one cannot just go about saving people’s lives while not having the physique of a Greek deity or goddess brought to life once again on Earth. After all, having a superbod is a mainstay of the genre.

That phrase is doubly accurate in the case of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor because the God of Thunder is, well, truly a god. The thunderlord has always been a sight to see, excluding his terrified streak in Avengers: Endgame, and not just because he’s as jacked as a human could ostensibly be, but also because of his very flowing golden hair, a feature he regains in Love and Thunder.

And he needn’t be the only one, it seems. Jane Foster’s hair physically becomes blonde once Mjolnir chooses her to be the Mighty Thor, hinting that one of Thor’s many talents is a magnificent head of golden hair, as MCU fans have now pointed out.

Being blonde is a power of Thor … from marvelstudios