Thor 4: Was it Overrated? Mixed reviews from fans

Was the Thor 4 promotion exaggerated? Although Taiki Waititi’s highly anticipated sequel Thor: Love and Thunder doesn’t enter theaters until July 8th, early reviews have already revealed several problematic elements. Thor: Love & Thunder’s early reviews have revealed a variety of plot details and character traits that Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fans have been clamoring for.

Because moviegoers are posting conflicting opinions online, it appears that the Thor 4 commercial was exaggerated. Some people had the good fortune to witness Thor: Love and Thunder before most Marvel fans worldwide. So it only seems sense that many admirers have been compelled to share their experiences on numerous social networking websites.

Despite how intriguing Doctor Strange 2 was, the absence of appearances led to a lot of disappointment. Marvel fans were certain to see it come to pass. Inevitably, it rose to the fourth-worst position on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes among MCU movies. Has Thor 4 been able to regain its lost fame?

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