Margot Robbie is negotiating a key Marvel role.

Even if she hasn’t finished playing Harley Quinn yet, Margot Robbie isn’t letting the Suicide Squad’s most unpredictable character mark the end of her comic book cinematic experiences. Margot Robbie is close to securing a part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, according to our reliable and trustworthy source. The forthcoming Barbie movie’s star will reportedly not only portray a Marvel character, but she is also reportedly in final negotiations for one of the pivotal parts in the movie’s plot.

We don’t know the exact character’s name from our source, but we have several reasonable suggestions. We’ll tell you right away who we think she’s portraying rather than keeping you guessing. All things considered, we believe Margot Robbie and Marvel are in final negotiations for her to portray Emma Frost, the White Queen.

emma frost

In 1979’s X-Men #129, Emma Frost was first presented as a villain. She has been one of the mythology’ most compelling and potent figures. She belonged to the Krakoa mutant country during the 2019–2020 Dawn of X event. To play her, Margot Robbie would be a fantastic option.