In an upcoming Marvel series, Scarlett Johansson will be secretly honored.

If you’re familiar with Kamala Khan, or Ms. Marvel, you’ll know that Iman Vellani’s character in the new Disney+ series sees Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel as a role model. Carol Danvers, on the other hand, isn’t the only Marvel character Vellani has drawn inspiration from. We should expect a lot of impact from Scarlett Johansson’s hero Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow in Ms. Marvel, according to the actress.

Iman Vellani acknowledged Scarlett Johansson for her character’s fighting super postures, according to The Direct. Vellani added, “I have the most fantastic stunt double.” “So we were kinda figuring out what Kamala’s fighting style was together. You know, she’s not a fighter, she’s a sixteen-year-old kid from high school. So, a lot of it was like, ‘Okay, she’s probably copying everything she sees.’ So we included a lot of [Scarlett Johansson’s] Black Widow poses, and Brie Larson’s iconic Captain Marvel poses. So yea, we’ve got some fun stuff in there.”

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Without someone like Steve Rogers to properly instruct her in battle, it’s understandable that Kamala Khan would try her best to imitate those who came before her. And, as anybody who watched Scarlett Johansson in last year’s Black Widow will recall, it allows Ms. Marvel to carry on a running gag from the film. Natasha’s adopted sister Yelena (Florence Pugh) makes fun of the Avenger’s oft-repeated crouching posture, which usually finishes with a spectacular hair flip, shortly after the two are reunited. This is one of the stances Kamala Khan imitates when battling evil men, according to the smart money.

Scarlett Johansson sued Disney over the release of Black Widowmaker. The suit was ultimately settled, but it represented possibly the ugliest back-and-forth between Disney and one of its bigger MCU stars. Anthony and Joe Russo recently discussed how disturbed they were by the situation.

What’s unusual about it is that, despite the salvos launched between the parties involved, it now looks like Scarlett Johansson will continue to work for Disney in front of the camera and Marvel behind the scenes. According to sources, Johansson will feature in Taika Waititi’s Tower of Terror film, which is based on the Disney theme park ride, as well as remarks from Johansson indicating that she will continue to work with Marvel Studios in a producing position.