Will Amber Heard be replaced by Blake Lively in Aquaman 2?

The defamation trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is still proceeding, with several frightening and intimate information about both sides emerging. During the trial, Heard acknowledged that the revelation of this tumultuous marriage had also had a severe impact on her. According to Heard, she was originally cast in a larger part in Aquaman 2, but her screen time has been reduced to fewer than 10 minutes. Many people feel Heard has been lying about her allegations of assault by Depp. This belief has resulted in a large number of signatures on a petition to have Heard removed from the sequel. Another petition has been established by fans who want Blake Lively to play Aquaman instead.

The first petition was started in reaction to Amber Heard’s op-ed essay in which she almost single-handedly branded Johnny Depp as her abuser. According to Depp’s legal team, this resulted in Depp being sacked from the Fantastic Beasts franchise as well as the Pirates of the Caribbean revival. This original petition, which saw people start to support Depp, has exploded in size. It currently has almost 4.3 million signatures, indicating that an increasing number of individuals believe Heard is the abuser in the relationship.

Fans are now attempting to integrate Blake Lively into the Aquaman universe. Aside from the drama, Lively would be a fantastic addition to the MCU. She has the acting ability to take over for Heard as Mera. The adjustment might potentially be beneficial to the picture, given the magnitude of the trial’s consequences.

Blake Lively, on the other hand, is presently prepping for her directorial debut, in which she will helm Seconds, a comic adaption. This comic was created by the same writer who created Scott Pilgrim, and Edgar Wright has agreed to serve as a producer on the project. Wright is most known for directing the fan favorite Scott Pilgrim, and he will most likely helm Lively in her adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Seconds. While she may not have the time to start a new series, Blake Lively in Aquaman has the potential to salvage the film from disaster.

Now that James Wan has established himself as a mediocre filmmaker, the film’s attention has tragically shifted to Amber Heard and her protracted court struggle with her ex-husband. Wan and Warner Bros. have both unfollowed Heard on their social media profiles due to the incident. This distance might be tied to Heard’s removal from the film or a foreshadowing of her removal from future Aquaman installments.