Check Out Kate Beckinsale flaunt a tight gold mini-dress.

Kate Beckinsale, who has never shied away from the spotlight, is back with a fresh collection of gorgeous images on Instagram. Beckinsale teased her 5.3 million Instagram followers with a series of photos. Beckinsale’s outfit included a pair of six-inch high heels and a shimmering gold mini-dress as the focal point.

Kate Beckinsale wore a gorgeous gown with eye crystal make-up with the message “Twinkle, twinkle, little cat.” This caption has Kate Beckinsale’s grumpy-looking cat, Clive, as well as a play on words for her glittering attire. Clive has become something of an Instagram star, frequently appearing in Beckinsale’s photos and frequently dressed up like his owner. Clive’s recent highlights include riding in Beckinsale’s automobile while wearing a matching pink bowl hat and shirt, as well as participating in a cosmetics session. Clive is all about having a good time, and Beckinsale owes her devoted following to him as much as she does to her beauty and ability.

The outfit was created by Mouza Al Awfi’s Atelier Zuhra premium fashion label, which was formed in 2015 in Dubai. Mila Kobayashi and make-up artist Katrina Klein created her gold and orange nail art.

Kate Beckinsale uploaded a collage of high-end apparel and businesses on Instagram. It was all to help Lance Bass celebrate his birthday. He recently uploaded a photo of his baby boy wearing a onesie with the silhouettes of the members of the NYSNC band and the iconic tagline “It’s Gonna Be May.”

For Lance Bass’ birthday, Kate Beckinsale wears a gold mini-dress. The actress, who is 48 years old, has a long history of sharing breathtaking photographs on social media. She works out six times a week, according to Women’s Health.