In the No Time To Die Training Video, Ana De Armas goes all out.

Ana de Armas has been making a name for herself in the industry for a long time. She rose to prominence after starring in films such as Knives Out. The actress was just cast in the upcoming James Bond film No Time to Die, which will be released in 2021. De Armas recently shared a photo on Instagram from the set of the film, demonstrating how far she’d come in learning to handle key battle scenes.

Ana de Armas plays the role of Paloma in the new James Bond movie. She took a series of photos and a video from the set of the film. In the first photo, she was dressed as Paloma, and was shadowed in red light. The second photo is a closer look at what the set looked like from her perspective. The video is a behind-the-scenes look at how the actress trains for her scenes.

Ana de Armas appears in character in the video, practicing her action movements for one of the sequences. Her actions are smooth and faultless, demonstrating what the 007 star performed during filming preparations.

In No Time to Die, Ana de Armas went all out to give her greatest performance as Paloma. According to Comic Book, the actress spoke with The Sun about her character and said that she was definitely a unique addition. “…She’s a hoot…extremely energetic, really badass…” It’s understandable why de Armas had to go through so much training for her role. De Armas appeared to be reminiscing about the late hours on set.

Despite the fact that it was Ana de Armas’ first time on the set of a James Bond film, GameSpot reports that Daniel Craig will be formally retiring from the role of James Bond. However, there is a possibility that De Armas will feature in another James Bond film in the future. No Time to Die was a big office smash hit. The film has three Academy Award nominations, including Best Original Song, Best Sound, and Best Visual Effects.

Ana de Armas recently appeared in another picture, Deep Water, in which she co-starred with Ben Affleck. The film is clearly not in the same genre as No Time to Die, but it serves to highlight de Armas’ versatility as an actress. A James Bond film is unquestionably incredible to have under your belt, and de Armas continues to value her contribution to the franchise thus far.