While stalking another celebrity, Megan Fox poses in a barely-there top.

Some celebs are just adept at using social media. It’s not a need, but it certainly helps once you’ve established yourself in the spotlight. For some, it’s a good little “hey, remember me?” reminder to fans every now and then to whip up enthusiasm for whatever is going on in his or her life. Megan Fox is unquestionably one of them. Despite the fact that her career has recently taken off, the actress has always been a pro at using Instagram. And she’s just posted another example.

Megan Fox took to Instagram to provide an update on her location in the hopes of capturing the notice of another star. Doja Cat, a singer/rapper who was in an adjacent dressing room, was the one who said that. Why Fox, who would seem to be a huge enough celebrity in her own right to just knock on the door herself, didn’t do so is a mystery. It’s most likely because the social media adoration would far exceed anything a random gathering could hope to achieve. That, my friends, is the game. It’s preferable to attract celebrity attention in the public domain rather than behind closed doors in a dressing room. Take a look at what Megan Fox has posted:


While Megan Fox is likely to have met up with Doja Cat shortly after this article, it isn’t the point. Again, Fox is well-versed in the worlds of social media and Instagram. There’s a reason this post received more than a million likes in less than four hours. Folks just seem to love this kind of thing. They adored it almost as much as Megan Fox’s photo of herself in what appeared to be a restored 1970s or 1980s couch. This is the type of thing that happens all the time in the realm of celebrity attention and influence.