Beyoncé and Zendaya are set to collaborate on a remake of the 1959 classic film ‘Imitation of Life.’

Beyoncé and famous starlet Zendaya are allegedly in discussions to play the major roles in a remake of Douglas Sirk’s classic 1959 melodrama ‘Imitation of Life.’

According to the Sun, the pop queen, 40, and the Euphoria star, 25, who previously collaborated on the Be Alive music video in 2016, are in negotiations to join the remake team.

The plot of Imitation of Life, based on Fannie Hurst’s best-selling novel, centres around a white woman who takes in an African-American widow and her daughter, Sarah Jane, whose pale skin allows her to pass for white.

Lana Turner, Juanita Moore, and Sandra Deein had pivotal parts in the Academy Award-nominated picture.

According to insiders, the Crazy In Love singer is interested in producing the future record. It is unknown whether she will appear on screen in the film.

According to a source, the Spider-Man: No Way Home actress would most likely play Sarah Jane.

“Everyone wants Zendaya in their films at the moment but it feels like this could be the movie to take her to the next level and really get some awards buzz,” a source told the Sun.

Beyoncé and Zendaya’s future collaboration has yet to be announced.