Fans are enthralled by Salma Hayek’s stunning no-makeup, no-filter selfie.

Salma Hayek stuns admirers once again with a unique style of selfie instead of another super-sexy bikini photo. Hayek shared one of our favorite images of hers on Jan. 30: a gorgeous, no-makeup selfie. “#selfiesunday #nomakeup,” she wrote with the photo. Hayek has damp hair, nicely maintained brows, and gorgeous skin in the shot.

When people view this shot, they can’t help but think “lovely,” as seen by the hundreds of comments. From her attractive bikini shots to, of course, her beautiful no-makeup selfies, we’ve enjoyed every post she’s put out. (We can tell this was taken around the same time as her last show-stopping bikini photo.)

Hayek has repeatedly remarked that she is unconcerned about her age, that she would rather feel young than look young (although, let’s face it, she won the lotto and got both!) “What’s the purpose of appearing young if you’re not feeling young, because you’re spending so much worry on looking young?” the House of Gucci star questioned in a 2021 interview with Access Online. I’d prefer not appear and feel young, but when you feel young, you look young.”

She also revealed in another interview that she has never contemplated Botox at her age, instead relying on her “miracle” Tepezcohuite lotion.

Hayek, though, looks ethereal at 55, and her no-makeup selfies continue to dazzle the globe.