Charlize Theron Has Been Cast In A Major Marvel Role (Exclusive)

Charlize Theron Has Been Cast In A Major Marvel Role. The actress has starred in films such as Mad Max, Fast & Furious, and The Italian Job as Furiosa, Cipher, and Stella. She’s played so many classic parts during her career that picking just three to highlight as the most memorable or significant may be tough. So, what else is she supposed to do?

She is no longer conversing, according to our source. She has been cast in a film that will be released soon. While our source did not disclose what role Charlize Theron would play, they did say that her new character will be a hero. They predicted that Marvel will make an announcement in the coming months.

Joining Marvel with Charlize Theron makes a lot of sense. She had a lengthy and illustrious career as an actor. With her portrayal as Cipher in F9, she’s showed an interest in large properties. In Aeon Flux, she portrayed an assassin with a lot of action. While the film was not well appreciated, her current work at Marvel may provide her with another opportunity to demonstrate comparable abilities. Who will she play now is the big question. There are two major points to be made here. First and foremost, she is portraying a hero. Second, it will most likely be made public in the next months. With that in mind, we can look ahead to the Marvel films that we hope to see with huge announcements.

While this is only speculation, the biggest arrow would point to casting Charlize Theron as Sue Storm for Fantastic Four.


Sue Storm would undoubtedly be a big Marvel character. While it’s always been conceivable for the studio to employ unknown performers to round out the superhero squad, this is a film that’s been in the works for a long time. Casting Charlize Theron as the Invisible Woman would be a smart move to help this picture stand out among the studio’s slew of future releases. Theron had a long and illustrious career as an actor. She invests everything she has into her roles. Charlize Theron is someone that viewers would be thrilled to see, which would give the Fantastic Four announcements a lot more oomph.

Jessica Alba previously played Sue Storm in the 2005 film. This was immediately prior to the release of Iron Man, the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While fans will occasionally bring up the film and point out aspects of it that they like, it isn’t a very well-received film. This leaves a legacy that puts further strain on the new Fantastic Four for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which Charlize Theron’s hiring might help alleviate. While many fans thought Emily Blunt would assume the lead, the actress has declared that she is not interested in starring in a Marvel film.