In a recent interview, Ben Affleck says something unusual about Jennifer Lopez.

In a recent interview, Ben Affleck talks about what it’s like to “share Jennifer Lopez’s life.”

After being photographed kissing while on vacation in Malibu in June, the duo – who were one of Hollywood’s most high-profile couples in the 2000s – confirmed rumors that they were dating again.

The announcement elicited a lot of excitement from fans, who quipped that “2002 is back” now that the actor and the singer were reunited.

Affleck had previously avoided discussing his connection with Lopez in interviews, but in a recent, in-depth interview with the Los Angeles Times, The Tender Bar star mentioned Lopez when responding to a question about how the film industry is evolving.

“Getting to experience Jennifer Lopez’s life now and seeing the degree to which a massive social media presence – how that’s valued, how that’s perceived by the people who are willing to invest a bunch of money in what you’re doing – is really striking,” he said of how having a social media presence helps boost stars’ careers.

“I’m not sure the option to have 300 million followers was ever available to me, but that ship has probably sailed now.”


Lopez had broken off her engagement to Alex Rodriguez only months before reconnecting with Affleck, while Affleck had recently separated from his girlfriend, Ana de Armas.