On Ellen, Penelope Cruz discusses how Salma Hayek protected her early in her career.

Salma Hayek was friendly to Penelope Cruz in the start of her career on Ellen, and Penelope Cruz is speaking out about it. On Thursday’s episode of Ellen, the 47-year-old actress discussed how Hayek put her under her wig to promote her new film The 355. Cruz was meant to stay in a hotel her first time in Los Angeles, but Hayek insisted on having her stay in her house.


‘When I initially traveled to LA, we didn’t know one other and only spoke on the phone,” Penelope explained.
‘I came here with the intention of making a film.’ My return ticket was in my possession. So I was coming here for two months and had no idea who I was going to meet.” She met me at the airport and stated to me, “You’re not checking into a hotel. You’re coming to my place since this is going to be difficult at first. And you’ll be quite lonely, “‘Penelope remarked. “As a result, she drove me to her residence.”