Tom Holland, star of Spider-Man: No Way Home, reacts to a shocking twist.

Tom Holland has spoken out on Spider-Man: No Way Home’s sad Aunt May twist.

The death of Peter’s aunt, who regrettably met her horrible end after being assaulted by the Green Goblin, was perhaps one of the most depressing scenes in the newest Marvel film.

“The connection between Peter and May throughout these films has been extremely crucial to the heart and soul of the tale,” Peter Parker actor Tom Holland told, breaking his silence on the pivotal moment.


“This scenario appears to come out of nowhere, as though no one expects it to happen. It’ll be really difficult to watch for those who haven’t seen it yet.”

May “doesn’t receive the credit she deserves” for raising Parker and being a role model, according to MJ actress Zendaya.

“It’s essential to acknowledge May in the sense that everyone says things like, ‘Oh, he needs to have a mentor all the time,’ and all these father figures and whatnot. May, on the other hand, has reared him “she continued. “May gets a shout-out!”

Holland said, “She’s an amazing role model, kudos to May.”


Watch below Tom Holland and Zendaya are talking about their ‘spoiler sense’