Charlize Theron’s Ultra-Rare Photo of Her Daughter Reveals How They Celebrated the New Year

Charlize Theron may not have had the most spectacular New Year’s Eve, but she did have a very relatable night to ring in the new year. The Oscar winner spent the evening at home, resting on the couch in front of a warm fire, much like many of us.

She uploaded a rare photo of herself sleeping on the couch with one of her children, who was wearing the heated eye-mask massager that’s all the rage on TikTok. An cute Care Bears blanket calmed the mother-daughter combo, making the scene so simple and endearing. One of Theron’s four dogs — a small white fluff ball spread out in slumber — was on the other side of her. “New year, same energy. C’mon 2022, don’t be a bitch!” After such a wild few years, everyone probably agrees with her sentiment.

Theron has been upfront about enlisting the support of family and friends to raise her two kids, Jackson, 9, and August, 5 – she’s publicly confessed that as a white mother raising two Black children, she doesn’t have “all the answers.” “I have a true recognition,” she told Essence magazine, “as we all do as parents — we know where we lack and where we are wealthy.” “And I’m not sure where I am.”

She thanks her “amazing village of strong Black women” for assisting her with vital tasks such as hair maintenance for her kids. “So they put me in my place,” she explained, “and because of them, I have this amazing confidence in parenting my kids.” The family appeared to be in good spirits as they savored the calm moments that only a holiday can provide – mom, girls, and pups.