In The Northman, directed by The Lighthouse, Alexander Skarsgard is out for Viking vengeance.

Robert Eggers, the director of the critically acclaimed independent films The Witch and The Lighthouse, returns with a considerably larger cast. The Northman brings together several of the cast members from his previous two films, along with a few more well-known actors, to create a revenge story set in Viking times.

Amleth is played by Alexander Skarsgrd, a Viking prince who was a youngster when his father (Ethan Hawk) was murdered and his mother (Nicole Kidman) was kidnapped. Amleth, now an adult, is carrying out his vengeance with the help of enchantresses (Björk and Anya-Taylor Joy). Willem Dafoe (Heimer the Fool), who played wickie Thomas Wake in Eggers last film, The Lighthouse, is briefly featured in the film’s trailer. The Northman will also feature Ralph Ineson and Kate Dickie, Taylor-puritan Joy’s parents from The Witch.

The Northman is a departure for Eggers, who is known for his more intimate films. The director described the story’s beginnings in an interview with EW. “It’s basically Hamlet or The Lion King,” Eggers explained, “which was actually an old Norse story where the Hamlet figure was called Amleth.” “In our own manner, we’ve told it.” It’s a Viking saga with magic, swords, mysticism, and everything else you’d expect from one.”

You can watch the trailer below: