Jessica Alba confronted sexism while beginning her career

She stated: “I’d always wished to be treated like I saw guys being treated. If males had thoughts about the character or the tale, they were congratulated, ‘Oh, you’re incredibly brilliant,’ but women were told, ‘What? ‘Do you have an opinion?’ It was as though you came across as confrontational, whereas a man just appeared to be strong and powerful.”

“I believe views toward strong women were extremely repressive in a lot of respects when it comes to women having an equal position,” Alba remarked.

When asked when she felt most empowered in her profession, she responded she had to “allow” herself to feel that way.

She continued, saying: “I felt like I didn’t deserve it for a long time. Trying to achieve a goal is one thing, but giving myself the room to be successful and recognise it, or simply to feel clever, was difficult.”

“I hope everyone understands that my heart is in the right place. I consider myself really fortunate to have had these wonderful individuals come into my life and stay with me despite the fact that I can be obnoxious and relentless. But, I’m not sure, we get to make some pretty fantastic moments together.”