Stars who will never work together again

It may not even appear on screen, but many actors do not want to work together for many reasons. Today we will tell you about stars who will no longer participate in joint projects due to enmity.

James Franco and Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese Gibson no longer wants to work with James Franco because of the movie: “Controversy .” Rumor has it that the animosity between the actors was born on the very first day of filming. Franco said he was in the role and could no longer control the force of the blows, causing Tairis to punch him with all his might, though it should be noted, that this was happening not only at the time of filming, also during rehearsals.

Bruce Willis and Kevin Smith


Kevin Smith was happy to work with Bruce Willis before working on “Double Policeman,” but a few days after filming began, the director and actor realized that his hopes had not come true. Filming was one of the most difficult in Smith’s career because a relationship with Willis was virtually impossible. In addition, the actor did not take his scenes seriously, because he was interested not in the film, in the royalties. Smith said he would never work with Willis again, and the film showed negative results in terms of revenue.

Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron


It is no secret that “Mad Max” has become a cult movie for viewers, but no one knows what was going on on the set of the movie. According to Charlize Theron, working with Tom Hardy was a nightmare and she will never be in a movie with him again. According to the film’s director, George Miller, it is difficult to work with Hardy in any situation, for example, the actor confronted Shaya Labaf during the shooting of the film, “Illegal.”