Tim McGraw gives interview to Alecia Davis

Tim McGraw gives an interview to Alecia Davis. The artist is talking about his country classics, such as: “Where The Green Grass Grows,” “Meanwhile Back At Mama’s,” and “Humble and Kind.”

Alecia: “I’m very excited, that we are just all about the music today. We’ve never really sat down and done. Just music, I love this, because I want to dive in, because we’re getting into the Tim McGraw essentials playlist right here on Apple Music and this is going to be some fun my friend. You started with “Where The Green Grass Grows.” So I want you to tell me all about that and what it was? Why is that song passionate for you?”

Tim: “One of my favorite songs to play live and when that fiddle, just jumps in right at the beginning, there’s just nothing like it. I think it just lights the crowd up every time we play it. That whole album is special to me, but “Green Grass Grows” is something, that I’ll never get tired of playing live and I can’t imagine a time, that it won’t be in my set list.”

Alecia: “Yeah! I think that’s one of those songs, if you don’t play it, people are going to probably be like “UHH” (angry)”

Tim: “I know, Yeah! And the cool thing is, you know gosh, that song was recorded 25 years ago, something like that. And still we play it, you see, you know, teenage kids just know every word to it and that’s pretty gratifying for an artist. In fact we still do a brake-down part in the middle of it, where we don’t sing and the audience sings and every time without fail. They neither.”

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