Olivia Rodrigo’s interview with Zane Lowe

Olivia Rodrigo gives an interview to Zane Lowe. She is talking about her new hit “Driving License” and the inspiration behind the song.

Zane: “Heartfelt, congratulations on everything that’s happening in the last sort of seven or eight days. I mean you have been on a wave for a minute, but to step out into music with a song, like “Driving License” and to have this kind of moment and, you know, I posed the question without you on the line and now I can ask you, genuinely, how does it feel to have the number one song on the planet right now?”

Olivia: “I mean it’s quite insane. “Drivers License” is my first single that I put out, so I truly like loved the song always, but did not really expected it to chart or do anything. I was just so happy with it. So the fact that it’s number one in the world right now is absolutely mind-blowing. I can’t believe any of it.”

Zane: “It happened so fast as well. I mean when we heard the song, everybody knew it was a special song, but to know that it can reach an audience that quickly, without all that kind of, you know, marinating and watching it kind of grow, it just sort of happens. You talked about loving it always, can you just describe, what the environment was when you wrote it? Because it’s obviously a really personal song to you.”

Olivia: ” Yeah, so I wrote the bulk of the song, like, literally crying in my living room and I think, that it definitely has that feel to it. I was like driving around my neighborhood, actually listening to really sad songs and like crying in the car and I got home and I was like, maybe I’ll write a song about this, like crying in the car. So, I just sat down on my piano and plucked out some chords that I liked. It king of happened that way, but it was really like natural and organic.”

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