BTS gives interview to Zane Lowe

South Korean boy band BTS gives interview to Zane Love. The group members are talking about their biggest hits: “Life Goes On,” “Dynamite,” “DNA,” and “Boy With Luv” featuring Halsey.

Zane: “I want to start by just, what a journey! It has been and normally with the essential, we start at the beginning and then we get to the most current record, but at this time, we’re going to start with one of the newest records, we’re going with “Life goes on”. Are you ready?! I’m gonna ask you, why was it important to BTS to release this song now? why this song ahead of the album?”

BTS: “Everything’s so different now, we kept asking ourselves-how can we share with our fans all the thoughts and emotions? We had through this period. And the answer was, of course, music. Sure we wanted to tell them, that we also have all this mixed feelings within us and at the same time compared to them, that “Life goes on”, “Life goes on”, because “Life goes on”

Zane:” So much of the way you release music, is a surprise or it feels like a gift? So I always wander whether or not, as BTS it’s challenging, because you want to share more with your fans, but you know, that the surprise plays a big part in releasing music. Is that an interesting part of the process for you?”

BTS: “When you have a gift, we think the best way to give a gift is a surprise. So, you know, with the same gift, if it’s closed or like Playstation or whatever, like when we get it as we not expect it. It becomes more happier and happier. So that’s why we always do surprises.”

You can find the full interview bellow.