Jenifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez can’t even think about wedding

The couple planned a great event, but they had to postpone it two times. The engagement took place in the spring of 2019, but Jenifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez decided to delay the wedding for a year, because the singer had some big projects that year, including a performance at the Super Bowl.

They could not imagine, that 2020 would ruin their plans. So the couple postponed wedding again, which might had been a beautiful event in Italy.

“We have postponed the wedding twice. We planned exactly what we really wanted, but now I cannot say if it is possible to restore it all. We abandoned all plans and since then have not even talked about this topic. There is no need to rush. We want to do it when we can do it. For now, we are just waiting for some more stable picture of the world.”- Lopez said In a new interview with the ELLE.