Bree Runway teases new album in an interview with Vogue

Photo credit: © Laura Bailey, VOGUE.

In a recent interview with Vogue magazine, BBC Sound Of 2021 nominee, Bree Runway, remembers her rollercoaster 2020, a year that brought her recognition from music greats . She even collaborated with the queen of hip-hop Missy Elliott and Rico Nasty. She did all these before even releasing her debut album.

Bree Runway also teased her solo debut album while speaking to Vogue: “I am going to start working on the debut album. I already have a concept for it. I want it to be a true embodiment of everything I am, which is everything. I have not really started singing on music yet, but I can sing. That is the rebel in me being like, just because I have a nice voice does not necessary mean I have to be a singer. But, I am gonna sing more on the album.”

For the full interview, you can hit Vogue’s website here.

Runway signed to Virgin EMI Records back in 2018 and the next year she released her first commercial EP, titled “Be Runway” in August 2019, followed by her debut mixtape, “2000and4Eva,” in November 2020. Some of her biggest hits are “ATM” with Missy Elliott, “Big Racks” with Booke and “Little Nokia” with Rico Nasty.