Jenna Ortega recently wore a see-through dress

The popularity of numerous vintage fads, such as Mary Janes, which were popular in the early 2010s, was revived when “Twee” fashion made a comeback last year. Since then, the preppy MVP has appeared on Instagram, in street fashion, and even on the red carpet. If you haven’t already gotten back on the trend, Jenna Ortega’s recent pairing of MJs with a see-through dress could persuade you. Having said that, Jenna Ortega could wear just about anything and I’d think it was nice, but her most recent ensemble takes stylish to a whole new level. I’m mildly smitten with the Wednesday star’s new The Sunday Times Style cover that appeared overnight on Instagram.

Jenna Ortega is shown in the photo wearing a black Christian Cowan gown with a large translucent mesh piece slitting along one side of the bodice. The dress also has a few fluffy pompoms sewn into the hem, adding an added touch of glitz. But for me, her shoes are what really steal the show. A pair of preppy, low-heeled Mary Jane shoes and ivory stockings pulled down around Jenna’s ankles wonderfully contrast her slinky slip.

The 20-year-old also wears the stylish shoes in the same photo session with a black midi dress and a pair of sunglasses: